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The PROPRIETARY (“DIO-TECH-GRAFT”) TECHNOLOGY is “REGISTERED” with the U.S. PATENT and TRADEMARK OFFICE. (VOTED The #1 Informational Hair Transplant Website) that gives Patients the Most Complete, Honest and Factual Data by The Medical Information Association, USA. Our new proprietary Pore Dilation Technology is finally here!

Our Technology in Hair Transplantation has become The Future Hair Replacement Wonder of the World. The (Dio-Tech-Graft) “Registered” is one of the Most Natural Premier ways to get your (Real) hair back to the thickest it can be… Permanently!

We use our Proprietary Pore Dilation Solution to open up your old hair follicle pores where your original hairs used to grow out of. These pores then can stay open for approximately three to four hours or until our Certified Medical Team inserts your new hair graft follicles into them. Each dilation injection can dilate as many as thirty to fifty pores at one time by using the smallest and tiniest needle manufactured, causing the least amount of pain.

This True and Wonderful State-Of–The-Art Technique does away with all of our competitors Neo/Punch-Plug Graft methods of punching holes in your scalp, which causes skin dips, large craters, creating massive amounts of scar tissue and loss of blood flow to your current cherished hair and scalp.

Our competition have gone so far as to pretend to be a new patient coming into our office and then having us complete their own personal hair transplant procedure on their own head, so as to try to acquire (Our Technology)!

We have been doing this (TRULY MINIMALLY INVASIVE) hair transplantation technology with (97%-100% SUCCESS) of your Natural “Dio-Tech-Grafts growing Permanently and Forever! Our Proprietary Technology has been proven to produce Faster and more Efficient surgeries with Minimal discomfort and Quicker healing times; as has been reported by our Many Satisfied Patients!

Give us a call now or email us right away! So together we can get you started on the path of becoming the “New and Looking Younger Person, that You Deserve to Be, With the Utmost Confidence". Start being the “Best You Can Be” and have the “Most Successful Life Possible”!

(Our Medical Institute honors all other U.S. clinic's quotes

and will beat their price by 12 %)


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***Military Discount Information***
"An exclusive offer for our military patients"
In appreciation of your service to our country, we are honored to offer our military men and women 200 free grafts (valued at $600.00) to use towards your hair transplant procedure. Please call us at 888-246-3065 to have your coupon sent directly to you. Simply print it out and bring it with you when you come in for your hair restoration appointment.
Limited to one coupon per procedure.


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  • Ken SiegelActual Patient Ken Siegel, Director of Surgical Procedures and Medical Operations.
  • Patient # 1Patient Completed 2000-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 2Patient Completed 1400-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 3Patient Completed 3000-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 4(1000-regular size 3-5 haired grafts or follicular units)
  • Patient # 5(300-small and 700-regular size haired grafts or follicular units)
  • Patient # 6(1700-regular size follicular units with 3-5 hairs per graft)
  • Patient # 7(500-regular size 3-5 haired follicular units to fill in crown)
  • Patient # 8Patient Completed 3000-Grafts / Implants
  • Patient # 9(1200-regular size follicular units)
  • Patient # 10(2000-regular size follicular units)
  • Patient # 11(1500-regular size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 12(2000-regular size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 13(500-small size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 14(800-regular size follicular units or grafts)
  • Patient # 15(750-micro follicular units with 1-2 hairs per graft)
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