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SPECIAL OFFER !!! To all PAST patients and to all of our NEW patients, that have already had a past Hair-Transplant-Surgery-Procedure done and are thinking about making their hair (((THICK AS POSSIBLE!))) with doing a Density Session or because of them losing more of their original hair from aging. Our CERTIFIED SURGICAL TEAM will include a $1,500.00 Scar Revision at NO-COST! with Our Newest Technology! that remains the most ((( STATE-OF-THE-ART! ))) Techniques. This means, we will remove your old scar from any past hair transplant procedure, (WITH!) your NEW DENSITY, THICKING Procedure at NO-COST!!! Call us NOW! To lock in this offer! Do not wait around anymore and get it done NOW! We look forward to seeing you soon! Your Certified Surgical Team! 


What MOST Hair Transplant companies (along with their doctors) fail to tell all new patients considering a Hair Transplantation procedure is that the grafts can only be transplanted as close as 1 mm apart from each other in your first-time session. The reason for this follows the same concept of transplanting little seedling plants or sapling trees. If you put them too close to one another the dominant one will pull all the nutrients from the less dominant one and kill it off while it is trying to establish its roots into the soil. So, if you currently have some of your original hair left, we can transplant new grafts right next to your existing hair without compromising the vitality and growth of your new grafts. Or, if your existing hair has been established from your first hair transplant session, we can transplant a new graft with it actually touching the old graft without harming the old or new grafts. The reason we can do this is because the previously transplanted grafts are already thriving and growing and therefore will not be negatively affected by the new graft. It is only when you have a new graft with another new graft that you need the millimeter spacing so as to allow the optimal space needed for the grafts to tap into a viable blood supply.


Most patients think that they can get only one session of Hair Transplants and be completely done for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this type of misguided and incorrect thinking makes people very unhappy and unsatisfied later on. However, for the well-informed person who has proper knowledge, they can completely understand the correct science of the Hair Transplantation process and they will ALWAYS be happy! If you are the type of person who simply wants coverage of the scalp, then you may be happy with only one procedure. But, if you are looking for more than just “coverage” and want some thickness and density added to your hair, then you will be back for a “Touch-up or “Density” procedure. Especially if you are a Type “A” personality or perfectionist, you will definitely be back as you do not like things half done.  


Another scenario that needs to be addressed is that if you have total hair loss in your frontal, top and crown areas of your scalp, then you will see the little spaces between the first session of grafts. These little spaces are 100% normal and are to be expected and will need to be filled-in at a future date. Also, new patients have to realize and understand that they are not done losing the rest of their natural hair until approximately sixty-five years old. So when you start to see the little spaces after your first session of hair grafts or if you lose more of your natural (pre-existing) hair, this will cause there to be little spaces where your old original hairs were and you will then need to come back in for a Touch-up!  The Hair Grafts are permanent and last a lifetime  (when done by a qualified surgical team), but your natural hair is genetically programmed to fall out.


As anyone knows that is dealing with hair loss, there are a lot of alternative options for “trying” to get ones hair back again. However, there is only one thing that is 100% proven to be 100% successful (when done by a skilled and experienced surgical team) and that is Permanent Hair Transplants.


If you are using topical products or taking potentially harmful medications to “try” to stop or reverse your hair loss, you need to stop wasting your money and putting your health at risk. There are no pills or potions that can make the DNA changes necessary to get your hair back again. You simply will not achieve the results you are after. Invest your time, money and effort into getting your hair back permanently and harmlessly with Our New Technology and Unsurpassed workmanship. Instead of waiting for that miracle drug or cure to come along, you could have already had that nice head of hair by now that you desire and are trying to achieve!


Call us today and we will help to turn your dreams into reality! Call us at 888-246-3065 and our Surgical Specialist will be happy to assist you with everything you need to take that first step in restoring your hair. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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