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Neograft “TRUTH ABOUT!”
Neograft | Computer Hair Transplants | FUE Hair Transplantation | Neograft Hair Methods | New Hair Transplant Technology | New Hair Transplantation Methods
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TRUTH ONE: Learn the (TRUTH) about the (NEOGRAFT ADS) before you fall for their false information. These ads and ad pictures are showing a (twenty-year old technique) and are showing a (SHAVED DOWN TO BARE SKIN PERSON) on their so called? Conventional Donor Pictures. These conventional techniques that they are showing on their old donor pictures have not been done for at least the (last twenty-years). 
TRUTH TWO: The (NEOGRAFT DONOR PICTURE) is a picture of a (NON-SURGICAL PATIENTS) back of their head, taken (BEFORE) a procedure. Again! a huge (UN-TRUTH), but a GREAT advertising ad!
TRUTH THREE: IF and we mean IF? their (Neograft Ad Donor Picture) was of a past surgical patient of theirs? Their ad people and their website people took the picture of the patients donor area (((AFTER!))) the patient let their hair grow out to cover all the (THOUSANDS) of (PUNCH GRAFT CIRCLE SCARS) located on the back of their head. We know!!! because we have to repair them all the time.                                                 
TRUTH FOUR: If you do fall for their (False Neograft Ads), when you finally make the decision to take care of your hair loss situation and we hope you do not, make sure and come to us on your next Density Procedure (REPAIR SESSION). We have been repairing the (Neograft Technique Procedures) every since they began. 
TRUTH FIVE: Again do not believe everything you see and read in ads and on the Internet. Thank You! and Please Educate yourself before doing (ANY PROCEDURE)!

Neograft “TRUTH ABOUT!” Neografts are just a new name for the old punch/plug graft method. A sort of (smaller type punch instrument) is used to make the punch holes where the grafts are to be put into. Their instrument also punches the sides of the surrounding hair follicles that are to be harvested, therefore permanently damaging approximately 7 to 9 other surrounding natural hair follicles as well. This ruins a minimum of 7 to every 1 follicle harvested in the back donor area and on the top of the head.


When you see the words “FDA Approved” in other company’s ads, it is our Medical Staff and Board Certified Doctors’ opinions that this is just a “Play-On-Words” for advertising purposes only. These companies are implying that their Procedure Technique is “FDA Approved" when it really means that the local anesthesia brands and medication brands used in the procedure are “FDA Approved”, which is false and misleading. These local anesthesia brands and medication brands are used in (every type of technique) for hair transplantation procedures. They are simply trying to make their ads look better. FDA means: FOOD and (DRUG), NOT Techniques!

If the follicles that the (other companies) are trying to get out of the donor area (located in the back of the head) are nicked or damaged in anyway, you are receiving a dead follicle/graft that will not grow. Thus substantially lowering the percentage rate of successful grafts growing. The same principle also applies to the FUE method and the Robotics Computer Technology methods as well. These techniques leave thousands of punch holes and/or circular scars all over the back of the head in your donor area. Those scars then make the hair in the back of the head approximately 2/3 or (more) thinner, while permanently destroying your donor area forever for future use. Again, these techniques are just a sort of smaller punch instrument like was used in the old punch graft plug days. Back then they transplanted the old plugs that had large 12 to 18 hairs causing the unsightly Barbie Doll look!

The severest disadvantage of these other methods is that it takes too much of the human factor out of the procedures.

Our procedures are done 100% by human hands and eyes with dilating your pores. The Natural depth level and precise harvesting of the follicles/grafts is critical in ensuring graft survival. If a graft is harvested too deep or too shallow then it will either compromise or destroy the follicles. Just as important is the depth level in which the grafts are transplanted into the scalp. Different size grafts need to be transplanted at different depth levels for optimum growth and survival. This precision is best achieved by humans…not false robotics!

Again, their so called Neograft and so called Robotics procedures are still giving you a 60% or less graft success rate versus our 97% plus graft success rate!

Neograft Ad Donor Picture Shows (THOUSANDS OF CIRCULAR SCARS OR PEGBOARD SCAR LOOK) located under now thinned hair, ruining donor area for future. (AFTER SURGERY)
Neograft (Conventional) AD DONOR PICTURE. This type of Technique and Neograft misleading picture was used back in the 1970's and 1980's. this Technique scar is removed by our Surgical Team and is corrected today to our Modern Technique.
State Of The Art (Current) Dio-Tech-Graft
Shows (NO) Visible Linear or Conventional Scar.
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